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Speaking Engagements

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. - Benjamin Franklin









Brett is a dynamic and energetic speaker who invokes both humor and real-life anecdotes.  He is a highly sought-after presenter with over 20-years of experience in front of business owners and various industry leaders.  With an expertise in business operations, growth, leadership, and culture, most sessions can be standalone keynote presentations or tailored around existing event topics.  Brett always leaves the audience with actionable tools and information and his sessions are consistently rated at the top of each event.


Building the Business You Want So You Can Live the Life You Dream

Your computer and your phone both need an operating system to run. So does your business. If you are struggling with issues such as lack of control, not having the “right people in the right seats”, not generating the profits you desire, or the feeling of being “stuck” and not being able to get to the next level - this session is for you! Learn how a few simple tools can help you strengthen key areas of your company to build a growth-oriented business that is more profitable, scalable, sellable, and easier to run and manage.

Becoming the Leader and Manager Your Company Needs

Running a growth-oriented business requires you to be both a leader and a manager. Learning when to switch roles is key. If you are a business owner, manager, or leader in your business and want to learn how to create a work environment where your team is fully engaged and accountable, this session is for you! Learn the key leadership practices and management practices that will strengthen your team and help your company achieve its goals.

Maximize Your Leadership Potential Through Behavioral Assessments

There’s a mistaken notion that leaders and managers should treat all employees the same, in the name of equality.  When you try to lead by treating very different people exactly the same, you deny their uniqueness, which often alienates them.

People have different motivations.  They respond differently to conflict, have different stressors, and have a different approach to problem solving.  The most effective leaders tailor their style to the individual.  In this session we will approach how using a behavioral assessment, such as DISC, can help you facilitate better teamwork, teach productive conflict, and even develop stronger sales skills by identifying and responding to customer styles.  You will learn to lead and manage more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of employees and team members.


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In a Meeting

Session Types


A real-world look into business operating systems packed with tools the audience can put to use immediately.  Keynotes provide a detailed introduction to various systems and methodology around Vision, Strategy,

Execution, and Impact.  45-90 minutes.


For groups looking to dig deeper into how to apply systems to their own businesses or develop better team communication though the use of behavioral assessments.  These are interactive sessions are structured for smaller peer groups or leadership teams and provide attendees with the tools and structure required to maximize productivity.  2-4 hours.


These are full day sessions for groups intent on a thorough exploration of the implementation of a business process.  The sessions are intense, value-packed, and hands-on and you will learn how to deconstruct and simplify your business, prioritize opportunities, run shorter and more effective meetings, and properly evaluate your team such that you should materially strengthen your organization by day's end.

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